Unity Web Player | The Social Avarice Of An Adult Mayfly

Play as an adult mayfly. Live your one alotted day in one slightly-longer-than-usual minute. Attend what seems to be the same party over and over again.


As fast as possible:

1. Check "important guests." Note what they like & don't like. Note their appearance.

2. Click on the options below to dress accordingly.

3. Click the "GO" button to attend the party.

4. Fly around the party with the arrow keys or WASD. Consume alcohol from a straw if necessary.

5. Try to get reasonably close to the guests, so they will notice your appearance. (Or, if they like it when you stand close, stand as close as you can without bumping their wings.)

6. When you have made your good impressions, head to the exit to prepare for the next party.

7. Repeat as often as possible. Time or drink will stop you soon enough.


The crudely-drawn gifts portray the following:

(from left to right)
Gray rectangle-thing: Flask
Green round thing: Moneybag
White-ish angular things: baseball tickets
Brown oblong: cigar
Magenta-ish angular thing: perfume bottle
Blue with brown on top thing: Cologne bottle